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Attention Djembe Owners!

"Yes, Even You Can Master the Djembe In Just 3 Days ... Learn and Remember Any Pattern With Ease - By Watching These Simple, Step-by-Step Video Lessons"

Even if you've never even played at all before, or if you feel like you don't have a musical bone in your body you can still learn to play the Djembe in the comfort of your own home with these video lessons.

You'll learn at your own pace, you won't be pressured and you'll be able to master the skills you need to sound like a professsional in no time at all....

Djembe Secrets Online Video course or DVD pack

From the Desk of: Tim Irrgang, Hand Drum Specialist
Location: A Beach in Australia on a hot summer night

Dear Friend,

Whether you dream of being able to lead a Djembe Drumming circle, or just impressing your friends with your awesome drumming skills….

… this page shows you how to play the Djembe in a fraction of the time that you’d take to learn the traditional way of going to group classes or learning with a teacher.

In just a few days you can be playing the Djembe and producing the exact sounds that professionals get from their drums.

Imagine it – Today you’ve got absolutely no idea what rhythm to play on the drum… and next month you’re amazing passers-by with your skills and you’ve got a whole library of rhythms in your head that you can recall as needed.

If you are like most people trying to learn the Djembe...

You just can’t get those clean and crisp sounds from your drum, particularly the awesome “slap tone” that the professionals can get

You feel embarrassed playing your Djembe in public because you never practice at home and feel you never get any better

You feel intimidated with all the complicated sounding names of instruments and rhythms, and you don’t feel like you could ever achieve them

Whenever anyone asks you to play something alone on your drum you just “turn to jelly” and can’t remember what to play
Tim Irrgang playing Djembe from Djembe Secrets

My Name is Tim Irrgang, and I'm a professional percussionist. I've played in loads of bands, and I'm highly in demand as a session musician playing all types of percussion and hand drums.

You are about to discover how I’ve helped hundreds of people who were afraid to even touch their djembe into accomplished drummers who can confidently play in front of people with ease.

You know how it works.... you can play in a group - but you always follow someone else’s pattern, and when you get home and someone asks you to play the drum you just “turn to jelly” and can’t remember a good pattern to play.

People who can seem to “play really well” are not special, they have no hidden “talent” – they just have a simple secret. The secret is so effective they can always call upon great sounding patterns really quickly.

The secret is this: they learned in a way that suited them, and not other people!

If you learn in the way that suits you, your brain will naturally remember things more quickly. If you are an analytic or mathematical learner, then you will always remember things that you have learned in this manner. Similarly if you are an aural or visual learner, you'll remember things that you learned by hearing or seeing respectively.

That is why I put together this package of learning materials – it allows you to learn in your own style


Djembe Secrets

Learn The Djembe in the way YOU feel most comfortable with these unique video lessons, backed up with written materials and audio tracks

Djembe Secrets CDROm Learning Program  

"Improved more in two weeks than in six months...."

Dear Tim,

"I’m finding Djembe Secrets very helpful so far. I’ve only had it two weeks but I feel my playing has improved more in those two weeks than over the last six months!"

Pascal Bullard
Kent, England

In Djembe Secrets you will learn:

  • The keys to unlocking the great sound lurking within your Djembe
  • A surefire way to stay keep yourself in-time, every time!
  • Patterns that will stick in your head so that you wont ever have any trouble remembering what to play
  • How to get the sounds which make you sound like a “professional” rather than an “amateur” on the djembe
  • How the Djembe differs from the Bongo and Conga drums, and why it has become so popular
  • How to play a completely different rhythm to someone else, while staying perfectly in-time with it
  • The keys to getting that perfect “slap” sound that will cut through and make your Djembe sing!
  • How to start and stop confidently in a group situation
  • The little known secret to performing good solo beats and breaks
  • How to play beats and patterns that work with contemporary Rock styles

"after a couple of hours I had developed a solid foundation…"

Dear Tim,

"Starting with a grounding in the most basic stuff, the course progressed in a steady and systematic way to more difficult challenges. I found that after a couple of hours I had developed a solid foundation on which to develop more complex rhythms and techniques. "

Brighton, England


So What is Djembe Secrets?

Djembe Secrets is a complete online learning System that puts YOU in control of your own skills. You are going to completely understand and enjoy playing the Djembe by yourself and in groups.

Djembe Basics

In Djembe Basics you will quickly and easily learn the skills you need to sound fantastic on the Djembe.

We will explore the basic sounds on the djembe, and you will see in detail all the hand positions that are used. If you think that it is just luck that some people can get great sounding rhythms and beats then think again - it is just down to their good sound production!

I will also give you some step by step instructions on some great sounding patterns. I know that not all students will need to learn quite so slowly, and that is what is really great about learning online - you can skip through the pages that are too simple for you OR watch as many times as you need as I slowly and carefully explain the first rhythms.

Pretty quickly I move on to some more advanced patterns, where you will learn some really cool and funky beats that will both impress your friends and colleagues, and provide you with enjoyable and therapeutic rhythms to play alone.

In Djembe Basics you will learn everything you need, and nothing you don't. I use very accessible language and I don't use complicated terminology or names for the rhythms. You simply watch and Learn

Djembe Basics includes:

Djembe Secrets Includes Eighteen Video Clips (over 1 hour of video content in total), Starting with simple tones, and progressing through to Advanced Rhythms and Variations
Djembe Secrets Includes Four Unique Jam Tracks recorded both with and without the Djembe Part, as well as click tracks to help you keep in time.
Djembe Secrets Includes Comprehensive notes for every chapter, with unique "easy read" notation system to make it clear, even if you can't read a note of music!
Advanced Djembe

In Advanced Djembe you will build on the skills you developed in Djembe Basics, mainly in the area of ensemble playing.

The Djembe is a drum which is rarely played alone. For this reason I decided to create 40 minutes of extra material which would help my students with their ensemble playing.

Because these videos cover all of these tricky concepts you will be able to go to a drum group with renewed confidence, knowing that you will have all the ensemble skills you need


There are two main problems that are very common in drumming:

Djembe Secrets Includes Knowing how to keep one rhythm consistent, while a different rhythm is being played
Djembe Secrets Includes Knowing how to follow a leader and knowing when to start and stop in a group situation

Utilising Split Screen and Multi-tracking technology I have been able to record multiple performances at the one time, so that you can see how the rhythms interlock and weave together - just check out the range of screen shots below!

screenshots from DVD 2 - Advanced Djembe

Heres How Easy it is to watch the videos online

If you have seen the sample videos on this website, then you will be able to watch the videos in the members area.

We Provide both streaming video players, or downloadable videos in mp4 or Windows Media player formats, so that it is accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

Screenshot of Djembe Secrets Members Area

Relevant Notes to each chapter are just a click away

All you have to do is click on the Adobe Acrobat icon to the right of the screen, and the relevant notes will instantly pop up on the screen. You can then print them out or simply follow along with the video on screen

Screen Shot Showing the Notes

Don't take my word for it... Here are success stories from My Students who have used "Djembe Secrets"

"helped me fit in with the drum group very quickly…."

Dear Tim,

"For a raw beginner, Djembe Secrets gives a good introduction to playing the Djembe. I’ve also joined a local drum group, and Djembe Secrets helped me fit in with the group very quickly."

Wal S
Queensland, Australia


"Easy to understand and I can take all the time that I need...."

Dear Tim,

"A few weeks ago my husband purchased the home DVD Djembe lessons. I have no musical skill what so ever, but I am certainly enjoying learning the Djembe. I love your lessons, as they are easy to understand and I can take all the time that I need to master one area before moving on.

Your lessons are excellent!! Thank you for developing these lessons for the public. I personally love the sound of the the Djembe and at age 45 decided to learn how to play an instrument. I am having a blast!!"

Tammy Simpson
Arizona, United States


"the fact that I’m able to learn on my own suits me just fine!"

Dear Tim,

"As someone with very little previous drumming or musical experience I find the course very user friendly and the fact that I’m able to learn on my own suits me just fine!"

South Australia, Australia


So if you are really serious about learning Djembe... Then this is your solution!

The Djembe is NOT an easy instrument, despite how easy it can look sometimes. This is why "Djembe Secrets" is the perfect choice for learning the skills you need.

This product is the only one that will give you the techniques and strategies you need to sound good on the djembe, and I won't talk down to you or make you feel small. You are in control of your own learning with this product, and you will enjoy your drumming so much more when you have the techniques and patterns under control.

Some Frequently Asked Questions....

How Long will my online membership last?

Djembe Secrets online Membership

This is not one of those rip-off schemes that will continually re-charge your credit card over and over again. For the small investment in Djembe Secrets you will have Lifetime access* to the product, and we will never charge you again for the same product. ever!

We believe that you should have the right to control your own learning, and learn a little bit now, and then come back to it in a years time to learn a little more if you wish. The resource will be here for you when you need it, and when you have the desire to learn. That is why we do not place a time limit on your membership of the website.

Can I get the course on DVD?

Absolutely! We origionally had this course available on a DVD pack with a book which sold for USD 149 - and when these packs all sold out we had it only available as the online course. We've now made the DVDs available again, with instant access AS WELL! You can get started immediately, and then when the DVDs arrive in your mailbox you'll be able to watch them on your TV instead of your computer screen!

Djembe Secrets DVD set

The DVD Pack Contains:

  • DVD 1 - Djembe Basics
  • DVD 2 - Advanced Djembe
  • Audio CD - Containing All Jam Tracks plus ensemble patterns
  • Data CD - Containing all printable material

All packaged in one convenient Multi-Disk DVD case. This is the exact same progam that we used to sell for USD 149, but it is now available for just USD 97.

And yes... these DVDs are region free so they play on DVD players anywhere around the world!

I've had a chat to the good folks at the Fun Music Company, and convinced them to include the shipping - so for a limited time USD 97 is all you'll pay, and you'll have this course shipped to your front door!

How much does it cost, and how can I pay?

If you want to learn in private lessons, then you can expect to pay at least USD 50 per hour. However this could be "hit and miss" as you won't know whether you will connect with the teacher, and you have much less control over your own learning. If you invest in private lessons for an entire year then it is likely to cost you at least USD 1500

Private lessons don't give you anywhere near the amount of in-depth content that you have access to in Djembe Secrets, and you have access to it 24/7, 365 Days of the year, and it will cost you less than a hundred dollars.

With Djembe Secrets you can have access to the complete course of instruction, helping you develop all the skills you need for just USD 69 for the online version, or USD 97 for the DVD pack.

Super Bonus #1

Backing tracks to practice playing along with a Band!

Djembe Secrets includes four exclusive Jam Tracks, which I demonstrate on Video during the video lessons. These tracks are specifically composed for this course, and are typical of the styles of music played on the Djembe.

Audio tracks are included which have:

  • The Djembe Playing, so you can hear how I vary the patterns within the song
  • Without the Djembe Playing, so you can play along!
download audio tracks to your media player to play along with

Super Bonus #2

Library of 10 Additional Advanced Djembe Beats, with recordings

We recently added 10 additional beats to "Djembe Secrets" to expand and develop new ideas for you.

Not only do we have every beat written out with our notation system, but audio tracks are included which are recorded both Fast AND Slow - so that you hear how the beat goes together.

library of 10 bonus advanced djembe patterns

Super Bonus #3

Lifetime Access* to Updates and Revisions

Djembe Secrets is continually growing - I am constantly working on ways to add more patterns and more content. As a Member of Djembe Secrets you'll have lifetime access* to updates and improvements for NO additional Cost!

We'll never charge you again for access to the same materials.....guaranteed!


You Can "Test Drive" Our Program
Risk-Free For Three months ...

satisfaction 100% guaranteed

At the Fun Music Company we are dedicated to providing the best resources for helping people learn instruments like the Djembe

We personally guarantee your satisfaction right down to the very last day of the three month trial. Here's how it works: Sign up as a member today, and you'll be given instant access to the entire djembe Secrets Members Area.

Go through our extensive collection of video lessons, including nearly two hours of video content that you can either watch online or download to your portable media player. Experience our lessons and see for yourself how much your playing will improve.

And if after three months you're not 100% satisfied, then all you have to do is contact the customer service staff at the Fun Music Company, and we'll issue you with a complete refund.


Let's Recap What is included:

Djembe Secrets Includes
Part One - Djembe Basics
Online Access or DVD
Eighteen Video Lessons
All the basic skills for learning the djembe, including the basic sounds, four beat and triplet patterns, and incorporating slap tones.
USD 39.90
Djembe Secrets Includes
Part Two - Advanced Djembe
Online Access or DVD
Fourteen Video Lessons
Including advanced skills like ensemble playing (playing one part while something different is being played), starting and stopping in a group situation, and following a group leader.
USD 39.90
Djembe Secrets Includes
Djembe Secrets Printable Materials
Access online or with CD-ROM
49 Pages, that you can print out one by one, or print out all together and bind into a Book.
Easy to read examples in our unique notation system means that you don't need to know how to read music!
USD 29.90
Djembe Secrets Includes
Super Bonus #1
Four Exclusive Play Along Jam Tracks.
Online Access or Audio CD
Recorded with and without the Djembe!
It's just like playing along with a live band!
USD 19.95
Djembe Secrets Includes
Super Bonus #2
Super Library of Djembe Beats, all Written out with Audio Recordings
Immediate online access!
USD 19.95
Djembe Secrets Includes
Super Bonus #3
Lifetime Access to updates and Revisions!
We'll make sure to notify you and you'll have free access to the upgraded products, including more Jam Tracks, more solos and more patterns to play!

Total Value Included
USD 129.65
For online Access
You Pay Only

USD 69.00
For online Access AND DVDs
You Pay Only

USD 97.00

So for less than the cost of Two Private Lessons, you can have access to all this!

A private lesson with any Djembe teacher is going to cost you at least USD 50 per hour, and you won't even learn half of the material that is included in Djembe Secrets.

You can get access to Djembe Secrets for the very reasonable price of just USD 69.00 for the online video lessons, or USD 97 for the DVDs.

All you have to do is click Here and you'll can complete your payment, and you'll have instant access to the lessons.

Click here to get started

As soon as your payment is complete, you'll have Instant Access to the product, and you'll be able to start your lessons within five minutes!

SSL Secured for your protection

If you are serious about learning the Djembe, then this program can really help you! Even if you have never played before you'll be able to get started and enjoy playing Djembe with this course.

So, if you want to:

  • Learn and remember some great sounding Djembe Patterns
  • Build your confidence and skills playing hand drums
  • Learn how to produce great sounding tone and slap sounds
  • Have a resource that you can go to anytime you are feeling like you need some inspiration
  • Learn how to play a rhythm without losing the beat

Then you owe it to yourself to get started now and join the growing number of drummers on the internet who have taken this opportunity to improve their playing with this course.

Remember, there is no risk!

Enjoy your Drumming,

Tim Irrgang, Author of Djembe Secrets
Tim Irrgang
Percussionist and Author of Djembe Secrets

P.P.S. Still Skeptical? I understand, and thats why you are covered by our 100%, No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee, so you have absolutely nothing to lose by clicking here to get started.  

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